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Housing Advice London

Housing Advice in London

Whether you are looking for somewhere to live, you already live in rented accommodation or you own your home there are issues which constantly arise. You may have problems with your landlord or you may face difficulties in paying your rent on time. You may have additional costs, possibly need getting items fixed at your home or you may just have some problems with your neighbours.

Depending on where you live, your rights and responsibilities will vary. At J K Advice Centre, we will offer you the advice you need and guide you through this area.

For veterans and their families or people leaving the armed forces there are organisations and benefits available to help you. Once you qualify, J K Advice Centre are here to assist you with your queries. We will direct you to the right place.

If you qualify, we can assist you by directing you to the right place.

It will be a pleasure to help you in easing off the stress!