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Welfare Benefits advice London

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It’s important to make sure that you get all the help that you’re entitled to when you need it most. These pages give you information on benefits and tax credits whether you are working or unemployed, sick or disabled, a parent, a young person, an older person or a senior citizen. There is also information about council tax and housing costs, National Insurance, receipt of benefits and problems with benefits claims.

Although you could apply for benefits on your own, you need to be sure you are claiming all you are entitled to, and a helping hand from a person experienced in these matters can make all the difference to you. At some point in our lives we all need a listening ear; someone to listen to and understand us, someone who is willing to help without making judgments and someone who has the knowledge and know-how that will benefit us – someone who is a specialist in the issues that we, a friend, a family member or someone we know is facing.

If you are at such a point in your life or know someone else who is, we can supply the right support to help with those difficult benefit applications. We believe that no one should suffer alone and we are here to help. We can guide and support you to gain what you are entitled to. It is your right as a British citizen or a non-British citizen residing here to get the appropriate help and financial support if you are out of work due to illness or redundancy, if you are looking for a new job, or in a job which is not paying enough for you to afford your bills, or if you need extra income, whatever the reason.

welfare benefits advice london
Financial assistance may be available to you depending on your circumstances. Find out what benefits you might be able to claim and what to do if there is a problem with your claim.

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