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Who we are

We are an independent and private advice centre, with a broad knowledge of the UK welfare system. JK Advice Centre addresses a need for advice centres to care about society and we are passionate about working together with the community.

JK Advice Centre is an independent, private advice centre, and was set up by two partners. Considering the current financial crisis, cuts in legal aid and a general lack of funding, J K Advice Centre came up with the idea to provide an advice centre giving the public the choice of an affordable advice, a service which the company felt was much needed. We all know how expensive a high street law firm can be, with very high fees that are not affordable by everyone. So, where people need advice or information, or even just consultation and guidance, on any issues they might be facing in their lives, this is where JK Advice Centre comes in!

We assist those to seek fair justice, who, are not eligible for legal aid but yet are on a low income, or even those who have been turned away by charity organisations or free advice centres due to lack of funding or staff.

At JK Advice Centre we strongly believe this is unacceptable, so to ensure you are not in the situation where you have been turned away and have nowhere to get help and no one to guide you on the problems you are facing, we can provide guidance and consultation to help you look at your problem from another perspective – we help you to help yourself.

We believe turning people away is not helping our community and society. During the current financial crisis we still need affordable professional service that can help find a solution to problems that people face every day in a way that promotes equality and fair justice, and builds a stronger community.

That’s why we are an independent advice centre, available to help those on low incomes or who are simply at a point in their life where they need a hand to help them cope with the issues they face.

We are who we are because we care – we know how it feels to need help, we understand the need for advice centres, and we go outside our comfort zone to provide services such as outreach, not only to your home but also to your appointments when you need someone on your side, or to doctor’s appointments or Department of Works & Pensions (DWP) assessment centres.

Our unique and much needed services provide help to each and every individual who comes to us for any reason. It may be for help with form filling, escort service / outreach requests or helping to make sure the right benefits or housing help, Personal Independent Payments (PIP) or Employment Supports Allowance (ESA) claims, are applied for. We are equipped with friendly and professional staff, and there is a pleasant atmosphere in all our centres. We listen to you and provide you with the right help, making sure that anything we promise can be done within the law. We are known for our honesty and support and we are proud to fight for people’s rights and entitlements.

This is what makes us different.